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Empyrean Hair Extensions™

100% TRUE Unprocessed RAW Virgin Human Hair

We carry only 100% TRUE Unprocessed RAW Virgin Human Hair collected from throughout the world. It is then shipped to our own factory where it is assembled and packaged. This is how we are able to provide a product with the strictest quality standards for an unbeatable price. Our 100% TRUE Unprocessed RAW Virgin Human Hair is completely natural and no chemical processes are used. Empyrean Hair Extensions has our own team of hair collectors that painstakingly hand pick only the highest quality raw materials. We guarantee that every single strand is 100% human and no substitutes are used to cut costs and lower prices.

Our continuing commitment to our clients is to provide the finest grade human hair that has the versatility to keep up with today’s changing fashion and styles. Our hair is specifically designed to allow our clients the freedom of choice. Curl it, crimp it, use a natural wave, up-do, or leave it straight, it will adapt to any style day in and day out. With proper care and maintenance, and the use of the correct hair care products; it is not uncommon for our products to last up to two full years.

100% satisfaction guarantee
Empyrean Hair Extensions consist of the highest quality raw materials from throughout the world. If you're not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll issue a full refund AND pay for the return shipping!
No Amazon
We do not sell hair on anymore. All the listings on Amazon are people from CHINA selling fake products under our name. We are not responsible for the poor quality hair you will receive and it in now way reflects our standards here at Empyrean Hair Extensions.

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